Notification of technical changes


In April 2021, we informed our customers via newsletter that the semiconductor shortage will impact DKT and thus on our gateway deliveries.

DKT launched two initiatives to secure the running business:

  1. Secured a large number of chips to continue a stabilized business through 2021
  2. Started a project to migrate from an old System-on-Chip (SoC) that the manufacturer would discontinue to a newer SoC that is more widely available and will be introduced in 2022

This launch of the new SoC would impact our customers as this platform requires a different firmware image than that used on the existing platform. The old platform is based on a Realtek RTL8694 SoC, and the new platform is based on a Realtek RTL9607C SoC. They are identical in terms of function, performance, and features, but each SoC model requires its own firmware image to function.

This applies to the following DKT items:
79733, 79734, 79738, 79741, 79742, 79745 and 79762.
This will affect deliveries from March 2022 onwards, but DKT will deplete its inventory of the old platform first.

Because nothing is changing except for the platform, DKT plans to keep the device item numbers. Still, customers need to be extra careful about differentiating between old and new platforms.


  • Physically, the device box sticker and the device label show that the new platform is Rev. B.
  • For customers using provisioning systems to push firmware images onto the device, the following differences are implemented
    1. The firmware on the old platform was named “dkt_fw_05_xx”, whereas the new name will be “dkt_fw_06_xx”. The old firmware will not work on the new platform and vice versa, so it is not possible to successfully load an old firmware image onto a new platform or a new firmware onto an old platform.
    2. DHCP option 60, the old platform reports itself as “DKT_F2_firstboot” during the first boot from the factory and “DKT_Firmware_v05_XX” after the firmware download. The new platform reports itself as “DKT_F4_firstboot” during the first boot from the factory and “DKT_Firwmare_v06_XX” after the firmware download.
    3. For TR-069, the old platform reports its Hardware ID in the Boot Inform and Periodic Inform as “base,4,managed,F_2-“, whereas the new platform reports its Hardware ID as “base,4,managed,F_4-“
  • From a configuration perspective, most current scripts used by customers are 100 % reusable, so no changes are necessarily required. Still, we recommend the customers to run regression testing on a sample to verify compatibility.

Please consult your local DKT representative for detailed information.