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Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored on your computer when you surf the net. Cookies are used for example, to register your behavior on a specific homepage and to remember you the next time you visit the page. The details registered by the cookie are often used for statistics to improve your experience on the homepage. A cookie cannot contain a virus and is therefore not dangerous to your computer.

We use cookies on to optimize the homepage and its functionality. Our cookies help us give you as good an experience as possible when you visit our homepage. Below you can read about the cookies that we use as well as their purpose.


We use a cookie to see whether you have been informed about the homepage’s use of cookies. This we do so that you avoid having to approve our use of cookies each time you visit the page. Furthermore, we use cookies, for example, to control what you have placed in your basket and the language used to display the page.


We use these cookies to achieve optimal running of our homepage. This is also, for example, for Google Analytics, which we use to gather statistics on how users are using our homepage. The details in the statistics are anonymous and are not associated with the specific user.


We apply cookies from the advertising network that we work with. This is to better target our marketing at those customers for which our products are relevant.


Yoy can at any time change your cookie settings for by clicking here.

You can always refuse cookies by changing the settings in your browser. Exactly where the settings are changed depends upon the browser being used. You should however be aware that if you do this then many functions and services on the Internet cannot be used.

All browsers allow you to delete your cookies – individually or as a group. Exactly how you do this depends on the browser that you are using. Remember that if you are using several browsers then the cookies will have to be deleted in all of them.


We do not gather personal information without you having given us this information at registration, purchasing, participation in a survey, etc. Personal information is never transferred to a third party unless you expressly give us your consent.


Private life policy

To ensure a safe buying experience at DKT COMEGA, you can find information on how we gather data, how these are used and how your data is processed. When you approve the purchasing conditions on DKT COMEGA, you also approve our general cookies and private life policy. We do everything to maintain transparency in this regard.

Personal data policy

1. We are responsible for the data – How do you contact us?

CVR-no.: 82151419
Fanoevej 6
+45 4646 2626

By using you accept that we manage your personal data in accordance with this data policy. We are also aware of the need to correctly manage and protect your personal information.

2. Purpose and legal basis for managing your personal data

Personal details cover all details that can be used to identify a person, this including, but not limited to, the name, family name, age, gender, private address or other physical address, email address or other contact details, irrespective if they relate to the person’s private address or workplace.

Which private details do we gather and manage?
As a main rule, you can access the homepage without telling us who you are and without providing your personal details. DKT requires certain personal details to do business with you. The company only gathers personal details that are necessary.

3. Category of personal details

We require the following details when doing business so that we can send the goods to you:
Name address, telephone number and mail address.

The company does not gather personal information from third parties and does not store details about methods of payment, for example credit card numbers, bank account numbers and similar.

4. Recipients or categories of recipients

It is only the company that use the personal details that it has acquired about its customers. DKT COMEGA has guidelines as to who has access to this data: only online shops and those responsible for the package.

Besides this, the person responsible for customer service can access the information with the intent to help customers with questions regarding delivery, products and more.

5. Storing of personal details

DKT COMEGA does not store personal information.

6. Right to retract acceptance

You always have the possibility to be informed as regards the details we have registered about you, and at any time you have the right to retract your acceptance.

If you want to receive these/retract your acceptance, then contact us at

If you choose to retract your acceptance, then this does not affect the legality of our management of your personal data on the basis of your earlier acceptance and until the time of your retraction thereof. If you retract your acceptance, then it only has affect from the retraction point of time.

You can always correct incorrect details. Details that we are required to store by law can only be deleted when the specific law permits this.

7. Your rights

Following data protection laws, a registered person has a range of rights as regards how a business manages their personal details. You must contact us if you want to make use of your rights.

Right to see details (right of access)

You have the right to access the details that we manage about you as well as a range of other details.

Right to correction

You have the right to correct incorrect details.

Right to deletion

In special circumstances you have the right to delete details about yourself, this prior to the time that our general deletion takes effect.

Right to limit processing

In certain circumstances you have the right to limit the processing of your details. If you have the right to limited processing, then we will only manage details – with the exception of storage – with your acceptance or with the view that legal claims can be incurred, made valid or be defended, or to protect a person or important interests to society.

Right to oppose

In certain situations you have the right to oppose our otherwise legal management of your personal details. You can also oppose the processing of your details for direct marketing purposes.

Right to transmit

In certain situations you have the right to receive your personal details in a structured, generally used and machine-readable format, as well as transfer these personal details from a data responsible system to another without obstacles.

You can read more about your rights in the Data Protection Agency guide. This can be found at

8. Complaints to the Data Protection Agency

You have the right to submit a complaint to the Data Protection Agency if you are dissatisfied as to how we manage your personal data. You can find the contact details of the Data Protection Agency at

Who do we give personal details to?

Personal details provided to DKT A/S are only sent to:

  • The company’s internal departments.
  • Selected trusted third parties that can use your personal details with the intention of delivering goods or services that you have ordered.
  • Business partners with the intention of registering and maintaining your account information.

We keep statistics on how you use the homepage to develop and improve DKT HOME. Personal details are registered at DKT A/S and are stored for five years, following which they are deleted. We only work with data managers in the EU or in countries that ensure your details have the necessary protection.

Being registered at DKT A/S always provides you with the right to submit your reservations against such registration. You also have the right to see the details that are registered about you. These rights are provided to you by the data protection law. Queries regarding this must be sent to:

What do we use personal details for?

We can use your personal details to;

  • Service your online purchases in our online shop (dispatch your goods etc.).
  • Send your goods/order to you.
  • Ensure the running and good user experience in our online shop.
Access to your details

You always have the possibility to be informed about the details that we have registered about you. If you want to receive these then you must contact us at

You can always correct or remove incorrect details.