FTTB/FTTH networks

Pigtail and patch cables

DKT’s extensive range of optical patch cables has been selected to suit any passive optical installation.

Product description

The new range of patch cables offers unique ultra low insertion loss and back reflection, securing a limited loss budget for the transmission system, resulting in an extended network reach, better signal quality and reduces amplifier costs.

Quality and test:
Each connector is thoroughly tested and reported with an interferometric microscope. Additionally, each connector is tested with focus on Insertion Loss and Return Loss. Serial number, IL and RL are written on the labels at each connector end as a standard. This ensures a unique quality with excellent performance, resulting in an optimal connection and high network uptime.


  • Very high quality with excellent performance
  • Typ. <0.1 dB insertion loss per connector
  • Test certificate available on each connector
  • High reliability
  • Increases network uptime

Optical connectors:
DKT provides a variety of optical connectors.
The DKT connectors are known for its locking mechanism that gives an audible click when pushed into the adapter. This push-pull design prevents rotation misalignment.
The connector family includes the Physical Contact (PC) pre-dome polished ferrule endface that reduces back reflection over a ferrule with a flat endface. To further reduce the unwanted back reflection DKTCOMEGA offers the Angled Physical Contact (APC) version that has a ferrule endface with an 8˚ angle. The DKT connector is available in a singlemode version with zirconia ceramic ferrules, and is fully compatible with NNT-SC hardware. The precision molded body and boot are made from UL-rated material.

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List of available products
Type Number Item Number Description File
P-SC/APC-0,5-DKT 77000

Premium patchcable, 0,5 m

P-SC/APC-1-DKT 77001

Premium patchcable, 1 m

P-SC/APC-2-DKT 77002

Premium patchcable, 2.0 m

P-SC/APC-3-DKT 77003

Premium patchcable, 3.0 m

P-SC/APC-4-DKT 77004

Premium patchcable, 4.0 m

P-SC/APC-5-DKT 77005

Premium patchcable, 5.0 m

P-SC/APC-6-DKT 77006

Premium patchkabel, 6 m

P-SC/APC-7-DKT 77007

Premium patchcable, 7.0 m

P-SC/APC-10-DKT 77010

Premium patchcable, 10 m

P-SC/APC-15-DKT 77015

Premium patchcable, 15 m

P-SC/APC-40-DKT 77040

Premium patchkabel, 40 m

P-SC/APC-1-DKT 77101

Premium patchcable, 1 m

P-SC/APC-2-DKT 77102

Premium patchcable, 2 m

P-SC/APC-5-DKT 77105

Premium patchcable, 5 m

P-SC/APC-10-DKT 77110

Premium patchcable, 10 m

P-LC/APC-5-DKT 77205

Premium patchcable, 5 m

P-LC/APC-7-DKT 77207

Premium patchcable, 7 m

P-LC/APC-8-DKT 77208

Premium patchcable, 8 m

P-LC/APC-10-DKT 77210

Premium patchcable, 10 m

P-SC/PC-1-DKT 77251

Premium patchcable, 1 m

P-LC/APC-1-DKT 77401

Premium patchcable, 1 m

P-LC/APC-3-DKT 77403

Premium patchkabel, 3 m

P-LC/APC-5-DKT 77405

Premium patchcable, 5 m

P-LC/APC-7-DKT 77407

Premium patchkabel, 7 m

P-SC/APC-SC/PC-2-DKT 77522

Premium hybrid patchcable, 2 m

P-SC/APC-SC/PC-5-DKT 77525

Premium hybrid patchcable, 5 m

P-SC/APC-SC/PC-7-DKT 77527

Premium hybrid patchcable, 7 m

P-SC/APC-SC/PC-10-DKT 77530

Premium hybrid patchcable, 10 m

FC/PC-SC/APC-3000-DKT 77550

Patch cable for optical power meter


Premium hybrid patchcable, 2 m

P-SC/PC-LC/PC-2-DKT 77652

Premium hybrid patchcable, 2 m


Premium hybrid patchcable, 1 m

P-SC/APC-LC/APC-2-L 77802

Premium hybrid patchcable, 2 m, DKT type

P-SC/APC-LC/APC-3-L 77803

Premium hybrid patchcable, 3 m, DKT type

P-SC/APC-LC/APC-4-L 77804

Premium hybrid patchcable, 4 m, DKT type

P-SC/APC-LC/APC-5-L 77805

Premium hybrid patchcable, 5 m, DKT type

P-SC/APC-LC/APC-10-L 77810

Premium hybrid patchcable, 10 m, DKT type

P-LC/UPC-LC/APC-2-L 77811

Premium hybrid patch kabel, 2m, DKT type

P-E2000-LC/APC-1 77821

Premium hybrid patch kabel, 1m, DKT type


List of available products
Type Number Item Number Description File
PT-SC/APC-1,5-DKT 77851

Premium pigtail, 1.5 m, DKT type

PT-SC/APC-3-DKT 77853

Premium pigtail, 3 m, DKT type

PT-SC/PC-1,5-DKT 77861

Premium pigtail, 1.5 m, DKT type

PT-SC/PC-3.5-DKT 77864

Premium pigtail, 3.5 m, DKT type

PT-SC/PC/APC-0.75-DK 77875

2x Premium pigtail, 0.75 m, DKT type

PT-SC/APC/APC-0.75-D 77876

2x Premium pigtail, 0.75 m, DKT type

PT-LC/APC-3-DKT 77893

Premium pigtail 3 m , DKT type