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Performance, economy and end-user satisfaction

DKT develop coaxial products for professional broadband operators and solution providers. Our focus on network performance, the long term economic benefits for our customers, and end-user satisfaction is what makes our products so effective. We know what works from field experience, and we can prove the effectiveness of our products, offering not only products but cost saving experience in your business case.

Distribution Passives

DKT offers state-of-the-art splitters and taps to split or tap the RF signal. With focus on detail, the DKT Distribution Passives are aimed at functioning with minimal servicing.

The Signia Line all have nickel-tin plated brass connectors. This leads to a minimum failure rate.


The signia Lite product line are DOCSIS 3.1 passives with low capex.

Signia – Lite

The products to complete the DKT collection of distribution passives with diplexers, power divergence and multiports.


Trunk Passives

The field-proven DKT series of Trunk Passives is used throughout Europe in HFC-networks, and this whenever power must be distributed along the coaxial cables.

The PS & Confree series consists of 2-, 3- and 4-way power splitters, and 1- and 2-way taps.

PS & Confree

Isolators & In-line Products

Within DKT’s category of Isolators & In-line products, DKT offers a comprehensive range of products for signal optimization, filtering, and galvanic isolation.

A comprehensive range of devices for signal optimization, for example attenuators, equalizers, and filters.

Filters & equalizers

DKT’s galvanic isolators eliminates problems from differences in the potential between the distribution network and the in-home network.

Galvanic isolators

Home network interface products connecting the distribution network to the home network.


Cables & Tools

DKT has the necessary indoor and outdoor cable types for any coaxial HFC-network. This includes all the connectors and adaptors for these cables.

DKT provides an extensive variety of coaxial cables for indoor and outdoor installations.


For all cables DKT provides there are suitable connectors; compression connectors, crimp connectors, hardline connectors, and adaptors.

Connectors, splicers, adaptors & Jumpers

DKT has a range of tools for installing connectors on cables, along with other useful installation material.


DOCSIS 3.1: Keep living in the past or upgrade!

Current broadband networks are not geared to manage the multi gigabit speeds required to effectively run and operate all the devices in our homes. But DOCSIS 3.1 can change that.

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