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With a passion for Broadband since 1977 we are combining engineering and technical expertise with practical product solutions to set new standards in the industry. With focus on the three product categories below, we want to make a difference and together with operators increase living standards in Europe via improved Broadband connections. Welcome to the DKT homepage!

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Game changing products

By combining a first mover mentality with our extensive experience, DKT has developed a mindset for problem solving, and has created game changing products. We believe that the competitive advantage of our customers is in the detail. Small differences create big impacts.

Coaxial distribution

With the technical possibilities provided by the Docsis 3.1 standard, the coaxial distribution network is probably THE most attractive technology for broadband distribution. The Coax category presents a selection of products that focus on network performance, network economy and end-user satisfaction and thereby embrace the opportunities offered by Docsis. Operators can expect optimal signal levels and service conditions, and this with minimal troubleshooting and maintenance. Network economy and end-user satisfaction will also be optimized. This is the vision of all products in this category.


FTTB/FTTH networks

The focus is discrete & smart design, durability and simplicity. Since 1999, DKT has focused on FTTH networks which is the ultimate network for greenfield projects. TV distribution is our legacy and RF overlay is a natural part of this category – furthermore, our state-of-the-art design, flexibility and user friendliness in our gateways will improve any Point-to-point FTTH network. The end-user wants a “trouble-free” fiber termination and he will appreciate the simplicity and flexibility in the gateways in this category.


Home Networks

This is the next big trend within broadband networks and we predict that those operators who take an active interest in improving these last meters will be the winners. An operator is evaluated upon the services that the end user pays for, and this is evaluated where the services are used and will thus include the home network. This is currently the weakest link in any broadband network - in this category the products will be found to change that.



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As a consequence of a 50% traffic growth year/year, most operators have upgraded their fiber infrastructure

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What is the financial impact
of a DOCSIS 3.1 upgrade?

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CAPEX of 37.250 eur and expected
OPEX savings of 36 eur

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The Huawei Challenge

DKT has been selected by Huawei as its technology partner for the passive distribution network concerning the DOCSIS 3.1 roll out in Denmark.

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