Odin series outlets

DKTCOMEGA has developed the Odin outlet especially for the Danish market. The series comes both as a TV/FM and as a multimedia outlet and is characterized having a low insertion loss, and a high isolation between the outputs.

The Odin outlets all meet the demands for the CENELEC Class A screening efficiency. The is especially necessary in order to supply an optimal CATV signal, when the outlet is connected to a data modem. A modem emits up to 120 dBµV and the CENELEC demand to screening efficiency is therefore min. 81 dBµV.

A high screening efficiency is also necessary to elude the many airborne signals in the TV frequency area. This is also a demand the Odin outlets live up to.


  • Modern Danish design
  • High isolation between outputs
  • Class A Screening


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Product list

List of available products

Type Number
Item Number

Odin IM0-H


Odin IM0 outlet
IEC Male connector 0dB
White face plate OFP-IM0 included

Odin MM1-4 204-H


Odin DOCSIS3.1 TV & Data outlet, White
Clamp cable interface : Class A + 10 dB Screening attenuation
TV: 4 dB; Data : 0.8 / 4.5 dB

Products on request

List of available products

Type Number
Item Number

Odin MM 4-65D


White Terminated Diplex 5-65/118-1000MHz Data, TV & Radio Outlet.
Data : 0.8 / 4.5dB
TV : 4.5 dB
FM : 4.5 dB


Face plates

List of available products

Type Number
Item Number



Face plate for Odin family




Face plate for Odin family
Light gray




Face plate for Odin family


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