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Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexer

In fiber-optic communications, wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) is a technology which multiplexes a number of optical carrier signals onto a single model fibre.

Product description

Advantages of the coarse wavelength division multiplexer:

  • Low Insertion Loss and High Isolation
  • Good Wavelength Stability
  • Optical path epoxy-free with good environment stability
  • Bell-core 1221 compliant

The multiplexer module combines several wavelengths (channels) traveling in each separate single mode fibre into one single mode fibre, and the same module separates each specific wavelengths traveling in the common single mode fibre into wavelength, each traveling in a separate singlemode fibres.
The CWDM Modules are based on thin-film filter technology. This proven technology offers wide channel bandwidth, flexible channel configuration, low insertion loss and high isolation.

SC/APC is used as standard. Other connector types on request.

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List of available products
Type Number Item Number Description File
DKT WDM-45-28-SC/APC 66086

Wavelength Division Multiplex 1310/1550nm

DKT CWDM 4+1-SC/APC 66112

CWDM 4+1, Stand alone, SC/APC, 20nm spacing, 1310/1510/1530/1550/1570nm

DKT CWDM 8+1-SC/APC 66116

CWDM 8+1, Stand alone, SC/APC, 20nm spacing, 1310/1470/1490/1510-30-50-70-90/1610

DKT CWDM 8+1-E2/APC 66117

CWDM 8+1, Stand alone, E2/APC, 20nm spacing, 1310/1470/1490/1510-30-50-70-90/1610