HCA-Ax Amplifiers (Professional)

The HCA-Ax amplifier is the first in-home amplifier to feature Automatic Gain Control for in-home amplifiers. The AGC will minimize the effect of level changes by the service provider and eliminate amplifier maladjustment. The HCA-AG variant features Double Galvanic isolation to prevent grounding loops and hum modulation, and it protects connected equipment in access network and in-home from ground currents.

Typical Application of the HCA-Ax amplifier

The HCA-Ax amplifiers are designed for DOCSIS 3.1 homes where the modem is located at the demarcation point. Because they have no return path, the amplifier is optimized for the DOCSIS 3.1 standard.

HCA-Ax amplifiers & IP-ready taps – HCT-1IxF

The HCA-A Line of amplifiers are made for the professional installer, and can either be installed alone or in combination with the HCT line of taps to integrate amplifier and TAP in a small outline. The HCT line of TAPS snaps onto the HCA-A Line of amplifiers and combines thereby IEC wall outlet with either 4 or 8 TAPs.

The HCT taps are designed for direct installation on the HCA-A amplifier and eliminates the need for jumper cables, saving installation time and provides compact and elegant installation. Furthermore the Amplifier and tap can by means of IPLoC devices be upgraded to provide high speed Ethernet through existing coax cabling.

The unique AGC means installation will not require adjustment and the output power remains steady even when the input levels change or transition is made from analog to digital content. The entire installation can be concealed behind the discrete HC-C cover.
Amplifier accessory HC-C cover can be ordered separately as item number 46245.

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Single Output AGC amplifiers – HCA-Ax

Selection table nominal figures – Galvanic isolated models are also available, refer to datasheet for details

Type Number
Item Number



87.5-1006 MHz: 21 dB



87.5-1006 MHz: 21, dB 5-65 MHz: 16 dB



Active Push-on-filter TV/FM/Data
2xTV 5,5/6,5 dB, FM -0.6 dB, DATA 8.0/-0.6 dB
Inclusive PS adaptor 6VDC, CEN Class A




White cover for HCSx, HCA-Ax and HCT-1Ix



Extra large White cover for HCSx, HCA-Ax, HCT-1Ix and DVU4; DVU1-4; DVU85 1-4; DVU 1-4Gi

IP-ready taps – HCT-1IxF

Selection table nominal figures – Refer to datasheet for details

Type Number
Item Number



4+1 way tap 13.5 dB



8+1 way tap 16 dB

Video of our HC-C2 for HCA-Ax & HCSx family

For the HCA-Ax & HCSx family of amplifiers DKT has introduced the HC-C2 cover with room for https://dktcomega.com/product/hcs-amplifiers/ DVU4; DVU1-4; DVU85 1-4 or DVU 1-4Gi.

The cover enables you to install Data / TV separation point under same cover as amplifier and Tap, and will enable you to conceal interconnections under the cover for high degree visual aesthetics.

Other available amplifiers

HCS Amplifiers (DIY)

DKT HCSx line are indoor, self regulating amplifiers, assembled with a white plastic cover which conceals the sturdy metal housing.

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Select the right in-home amplifier for your customer

In homes where there are several TV-sets it is then necessary to amplify the signal in order to compensate for the losses in the in-home distribution network.

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