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Visionary Operations Manager with a passion for management and economy

Be part of a big success and participate in optimizing business operations at DKT A/S. With our 40 year jubilee this year, we are a very dynamic and modern company that is experiencing strong growth and that has big opportunities.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Do you have a burning desire to create orderliness and structure and include everyone in the process?
  • Can you use good business skills to create a balance between healthy routines and processes?
  • Do you want to help ensure a business foundation and further develop a Danish growth success?
  • Do you function best by participating in practical daily business operations and ensuring the necessary upper-level management thereof?
  • Do you have the necessary overview and energy that is required to participate in a ”high performance team”?

If you can recognize yourself in the above, then there is a unique opportunity to be part of a dynamic management group and a good business family!


You will be responsible for operations and the important fourth leg in a well-functioning management team (Managing Director, Sales Director, Technical Director). The team is characterized by its high productivity, involvement, mutual trust and respect, common direction, responsibility and a fundamental proactive approach.


You will be the overall responsible person for a strong team of 15 colleagues that resolves issues including economy, finance, supply chain and back office. In all areas there are competent managers that maintain a high operational level – it is expected that you contribute at a strategic and tactical level, but also participate and are engaged in the operational tasks (walk the talk).


The opportunities in this job are to create a healthy and optimized operation and administration, be a valued colleague, and thereby be part of the success history. You contribute with “quality” across the organizational functions. You ensure that we reach our goal with our plans and that we optimize the opportunities that we have, and this with all colleagues being included.


DKT is a family-owned business with a strong history and impressive results. We are 25 professional and dedicated colleagues with high tenure, namely in Denmark, Sweden and Germany. We have strong references that amongst others include Huawei, TDC, Stofa, Ericsson etc. and we typically have long-term relations with customers, suppliers and colleagues. Read more about DKT at


To achieve success in this job it is important that you have a strong ”track record”, have strong skills, have a strong analytic approach and have a powerful approach to negotiating. You must be disciplined/structured, have good empathy and have proven management skills.

If you believe that this sounds exciting and you can “deliver the goods”, then a job with maximum influence is guaranteed.

We evaluate applications on an ongoing basis, but the deadline for application is initially set to 15 August. Please send your application to Christian Emborg at

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