FIRST METER initiative

Value customer satisfaction.

Provide your customer reliable, fast and user-friendly broadband products and concepts.

Products & concepts

simplified & deskilled
FTTH connection
Deskill the customer FTTH connection to save time for both user and installer.

Extallation concept

Rapid fault diagnosis
& troubleshooting
If your customer notices a fault,
you are already in the process of fixing it!

Centralized PON testing

Why call it the last mile?

In the industry the customer connection is often called the “last mile“.


The purpose of our FIRST METER® initiative is to enhance the end customer’s satisfaction by providing reliable and fast broadband and troubleshooting, while, at the same time, deskilling the network’s installation to face the increased shortage of skilled workers.

FIRST METER combines the use of selected FTTH components and concepts, such as Extallation, Centralized PON Testing and the DKT FTTH click-on interface solution, consisting of FTUs and Gateways. Across the whole initiative, we put high value on interoperability, resilience and reliability. This supports the increase in customer satisfaction dramatically, and reduced OPEX for the operator due to the simplified installation and troubleshooting.

The FIRST METER® initiative is to make your network more user-centric and intelligent, while deskilling its installation.


We believe the “last mile“ should be called the FIRST METER®, because customer satisfaction should be the operator‘s priority.

Increased testability
Full passive optical test of the network

Increased reliability of the installation
Full control of the fiber bend

Increases vendor competition and lowers cost

Deskilling the installation
Use of non-telecom installers

Shorter time in premises
Safer for subscriber and worker

Simplified Installation
Fewer sourcing items

Installation and Upgrade
Allows the subscriber to perform major processes

Clear demarcation between layers
Encourages interoperability

Resilience, reliability
and interoper­ability

Resilience and reliability

Customers value reliability more than ever!

Provide great service reliability to improve customer satisfaction!


Resilience and reliability

When creating new components and processes, we put high value on resilience and reliability. Thanks to our new FTTH-Battery, people using a corded telephone are able to make emergency calls from their landline, even when electricity supply fails!

The FTTH-Battery is compatible with any DKT Gateway.

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Centralized PON Testing

FTTH is the highest technology and future of broadband networks. Nevertheless, network operators report an error rate of up to 30%.

So it came about that we created Centralized PON Testing to ensure customer satisfaction. Enabling low skilled PON activation, simultaneously delivering full fiber condition monitoring and in case of a fault it will be fixed 75 % faster.

The FTTH-Battery is compatible with any DKT Gateway.

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We have made it our business to develop solutions that make installation as easy as possible. At the same time, we have set our focus specifically on interoperability, resilience and reliability. With interoperability, we particularly refer to the advantage of our 2-box solution, consisting of Fiber Termination Units (FTUs) and Gateways, to be compatible with all standard third-party OLTs and independent from third-party routers. We value this no-vendor-lock-in-philosophy as an imperative basis for every operator’s future network expansion!

Benefits of our interoperable two-box solution.

Save in OPEX

  • No maintenance fee
  • No license fee
  • No support fee
  • Enable end-user activation



  • Interoperable with different OLT providers
  • Independent from third-party routers
  • Ability to adapt and customize technical specifications to local requirements

The interoperability, independency and range of variants, combined with an advanced performance have made us a leading provider of cost-optimized and superior gateways since 2001. Additionally, our 2-box solution is designed to enable the end user to activate the connection, which lowers the operator’s costs and increases flexibility and customer satisfaction.

To give you the maximum interoperability and flexibility for current and future network operations, we are happy to adapt and customize our product’s technical specifications to your local requirements.

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