FTTB/FTTH networks

Single mode splitters and couplers

In network applications, splitters/couplers are very often used to either divide or combine signals from different locations in the optical network.

Product description

DKT offers a full suite of optical splitters and couplers.

The product familiy offers a flexbile choice of split in % and N-way.

SC/APC is used as standard. Other connector types on request.


  • High stability
  • Low insertion loss
  • High quality connectors
  • High network uptime
  • Option for 19” 1HU

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List of available products
Type Number Item Number Description File
OSP-S-5050-SC/APC 69802

Optical 2-way splitter, symmetric 50/50, Stand Alone

OSP-S-5545-SC/APC 69806

Optical 2-way splitter, asymmetric 55/45, Stand-Alone

OSP-S-6040-SC/APC 69811

Optical 2-way splitter, asymmetric 60/40, Stand-Alone

OSP-S-6535-SC/APC 69816

Optical 2-way splitter, asymmetric 63/35, Stand-Alone

OSP-S-7030-SC/APC 69821

Optical 2-way splitter, asymmetric 70/30, Stand-Alone

OSP-S-7525-SC/APC 69826

Optical 2-way splitter, asymmetric 75/25, Stand-Alone

OSP-S-8020-SC/APC 69831

Optical 2-way splitter, asymmetric 80/20, Stand-Alone

OSP-S-8515-SC/APC 69836

Optical 2-way splitter, asymmetric 85/15, Stand-Alone

OSP-S-9010-SC/APC 69841

Optical 2-way splitter, asymmetric 90/10, Stand-Alone

OSP-S-9505-SC/APC 69846

Optical 2-way splitter, asymmetric 95/05, Stand-Alone


List of available products
Type Number Item Number Description File
OSP-S-03-28-SC/APC 69851

Optical 3-way splitter, Stand-Alone

OSP-S-04-28-SC/APC 69856

Optical 4-way splitter, Stand-Alone

OSP-S-05-28-SC/APC 69861

Optical 5-way splitter, Stand-Alone

OSP-S-06-28-SC/APC 69866

Optical 6-way splitter, Stand-Alone

OSP-S-07-28-SC/APC 69881

Optical 7-way splitter, Stand-Alone

OSP-S-08-28-SC/APC 69886

Optical 8-way splitter, Stand-Alone

OSP-S-12-28-SC/APC 69804

Optical 12-way splitter, Stand-Alone

OSP-S-14-28-SC/APC 69300

Optical 14-way splitter, Stand-Alone

OSP-S-16-28-SC/APC 69891

Optical 12-way splitter, Stand-Alone

OSP-S-32-28-SC/APC 69896

Optical 32-way splitter, Stand-Alone