Ethernet Outlets

Mounting box including Keystone

For Internet installations in the home, DKT has developed a series of outlets and mounting boxes. The keystone accompanying the boxes is made to fit with our slim line Ethernet installation Cable.

The Mounting box Kit is used to terminate an internet installation. With the kit you receive the mounting box and a keystone (RJ45 female plug) matched to the thin installation cable from DKT HOME. The mounting box is easy to mount on a wall with a screw. It has a simple design that does not conflict with the home. The mounting box has a shutter (cover) that ensures that dust does not enter the installation when it is not in use.

Ethernet Mounting Box incl. Keystone

An Ethernet mounting kit, for up to two internet outlets. Matches in size to a FUGA socket (same size as the Danish standard socket/plug). Measures 50x75mm. Has a small text window for protection of the ID label. The accompanying keystone matches in size to the DKT HOME Ethernet cable for installations.

Product List

List of available products

Type Number
Item Number

Freja RJ-45-DIY-Kit


Complete set for installing one keystone. One keystone included


MB RJ-45-DIY Kit


Mounting box including one Keystone




UTP Flip Jack C6A Keystone (For the 00991 cable)




U-UTP cable 4x2xAWG28 Category 6A


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