40 years of innovative thinking.

The DKT mindset

By combining a first mover mentality with our extensive experience, DKT has developed a mindset for problem solving, and has created game changing products. We believe that the competitive advantage of our customers is in the detail. Small differences create big impacts.



The DKT Management team is the ideal combination of personalities where experience, enthusiasm and professionalism are the common denominators. With more than 40 years of accumulated DKT-specific experience, the team has the best possible knowledge base, from the smallest detail to the helicopter perspective. The result is that customers and subcontractors alike will obtain a consistent relationship with high-knowledge and high-impact!

Anthony Basham


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Simon Wade

Regional Sales Director,
UK and Ireland

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Adrian Wooster

Chief Innovation Officer

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Tradition of quality products

Dedicated to broadband connections since 1977. For more than 40 years, we have solved problems in ways that make a felt difference for our customers. Here is some of our story:


DKT joins BTV Multimedia Group and expands its product portfolio. To offer you the entire range of broadband products, we have integrated many new braun teleCom items into our portfolio.


Truespeed and Gigaclear teams up with with DKT to optimize fibre optic terminations and gateways to british homes. Ultrafast rural broadband network operator, Gigaclear, has chosen DKT as a supplier of fibre optical termination and gateway products as part of its rollout to provide full fibre broadband to rural locations in the UK.


DKT acquires Teledan-Witronic A/S which is now part of the DKT A/S brand under the name DKT Connect A/S. The purpose of the acquisition is to support the development of Danish broadband networks and to ensure that the products installed in Danish homes, are of the highest quality, and are durable.


DKT enters the DOCSIS 3.1 arena and wins the world’s first complete DOCSIS 3.1 upgrade. Huawei wins the total contract and DKT wins the subcontractor contract for the passive network. The research and development continues for new improvements. The coaxial and fiber optical infrastructure is now established as superior physical layers for broadband distribution, and the Home network must be upgraded to match network performance.


DKT introduces www.homeconnect.me – the world’s first online support platform for cable-TV subscribers – this eases operators’ customer care significantly and improves customer satisfaction. In 2013 DKT establishes a subsidiary in Germany, DKT GmbH. Later the same year DKT takes a strategic focus on DOCSIS 3.1, and a focused development/investment in product startup. In 2014 DKT launches the COMEGA Signia series with unique OPEX capabilities and with the aim of increasing industry quality standards and introducing the higher frequencies of the DOCSIS 3.1


In 2001 DKT develops the first FTTH gateway under the COMEGA brand. In 2004 the subsidiary in Hong Kong/China is established (COMEGA Technologies Ltd.). In 2006 Christian Emborg takes control of the company, becoming the new owner and Managing Director/CEO. The same year the brand/logo is changed to DKTCOMEGA. In 2007 DKT becomes the first manufacturer to launch a true gigabit platform (FTTH gateway/CPE).


DKT launches the COMEGA series of passives and is soon recognized as a quality brand. In 1996 DKT decides to focus fully on products – the solution provider division is sold to the national incumbent TDC and from then on the official name is DKT A/S. In 1999 DKT establishes a subsidiary in Sweden (DKT AB) and adds Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) as a strategic focus area.


DKT starts importing key products for cable-TV networks. These are used for own solutions and also distributed to installers. In the late 80s DKT begins development of its own products for the passive coaxial network and home network, this is the start of the COMEGA brand.


On the 29th of August 1977 DKT is established as an entrepreneur and solution provider in the cable-TV industry. It is founded by Hardy Christian Hansen & Brita Emborg Hansen in Ejby, Zealand, Denmark.

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