Extallation concept

deskill the customer FTTH connection!

simplified & deskilled
FTTH connection
Faster installation
& more reliable

Deskill the customer FTTH connection!

While the fiber industry moves fast, we keep up and already have the solutions, while others are not even asking the questions yet. With the steadily growing expansion of fiber optics, new challenges arise.

We have made it our business to develop solutions that make the installation as easy as possible so that even the end customer can install them. At the same time, we set our focus on interoperability, resilience and reliability.

With our Extallation concept we meet all points of our focus to ensure the satisfaction of your customers.

Construction of our Extallation concept.


The tube is pushed through a pre-drilled hole in the wall to connect FTU and Wallbox.

“We are making the customer installation trivial”

Extallation concept

The DKT FTU is delivered pre-assembled with a fiber
optic cable and a connecting tube. This tube can be led from the customer’s premises through a pre-drilled hole to the outside, where it is connected to the Wallbox. This simple process can be carried out either by the installer or the end customer. The fiber is then fed through the pipe and connected to the Outdoor Wallbox by the installer.

Deskilling the installation saves time for both user and installer, reduces the time spent inside the customer’s premises and allows for the installation to be carried out with semiskilled workers!

Benefits of using the FIRST METER® Extallation concept:

What’s the value for the customer?


  • Fast “low entry” Installation
  • No operator lock in
  • Self upgrade
  • Higher reliability

What’s the value for the operator?


  • Faster installation processes
  • Deskilled installation to face the lack of skilled workers
  • Capital and operational cost savings

“Combine Extallation with further concepts of the FIRST METER® family”

Centralized PON Testing

Use Centralized PON Testing to increase your FTTH network‘s intelligence.

Use a reflector to terminate your FTTH connection and provide great service reliability to improve satisfaction.

If your customer notices a fault, you are already in the process of fixing it!

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Interoperable Gateways

Flexible continue Extallation with DKT Gateways.

DKT Gateways (ONTs) can be flexible combined with our FTUs and are interoberable with third-party OLTs.

Our Gateways (ONTs) are fully upgradeable by the customer up to 10 Gbps.

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