BTV Multimedia launches WAVEPACE, the group’s first FTTH product series

This year has once again demonstrated the importance of a well-functioning broadband infrastructure. In recent years, extensive expansion of coaxial and fibre optic networks, has already been undertaken to optimise the supply of services for increased bandwidth requirements for the commercial, private and public sectors. Nevertheless, the sudden surge in demand for video conferencing and other OTT services, combined with high bandwidth requirements, has pushed the current infrastructure in Germany and parts of Europe to its limits.

There is a broad consensus in the market that the necessary expansion is mainly to be achieved with fibre optic technology to provide both fixed and wireless coverage over 5G. This concerns not only network layer 3, but especially the routing of signals and services to the subscriber. A representation of the housing stock in the European Union allows conclusions to be drawn about the ICT infrastructure (Fig. 1 below): Since over 88% of the buildings were built before 2000, it can be assumed that they are mostly equipped with twisted-pair or coaxial cabling, so that there is enormous potential for modernisation. Corresponding modernisation efforts are currently being strongly pushed by network operators and politicians due to the increased attention during the corona pandemic.

In order to meet this demand, BTV Multimedia Group has developed the WAVEPACE brand, the first group-wide FTTH product series, for which group members act as equal partners in distribution. The product range currently consists of an Optical Distribution Frame system solution including panels with a unique installation and pivot function for easy and free access (Fig. 3 below), splice splitter patch outdoor cabinets, splice patch wall boxes and FTTH wall outlets. Thus, core products are offered for every network level. This product portfolio is the result of intensive analyses of the requirements for the provision of broadband communication and digitisation. All products meet the requirements of the subsidised German fibre optic rollout and are optimised for the demands and challenges of the broadband market.

The aim of WAVEPACE is to offer cost-optimised products and systems that not only meet current market requirements but also think one step ahead. It is foreseeable, for example, that the increased expansion of FTTH will mean that installers with little practical experience as well as technicians from other sectors will have to be deployed for fibre optic installation. The WAVEPACE concept meets this challenge by offering most products already pre-assembled in their standard versions. This makes it possible to use hard-to-find fibre optic installers for final connection work and acceptance measurements only, while carrying out the remaining installation work with semiskilled workers. This means that a conversion from coaxial technology to FTTH can be implemented with a budget framework similar to one for the modernisation of the existing systems and also new construction measures can be implemented in a budget-friendly manner.

Another challenge that WAVEPACE addresses is the ubiquitous lack of space in the broadband industry. Both in network level 3 and in the end customer’s building, the deployment of products currently on the market is usually agreed to with bad grace. Especially in urban areas the installation of protruding external cabinets is not welcome in public spaces, and technical rooms at network level 4 are usually not particularly spacious either. However, with a depth of only 20 cm, the WAVEPACE outdoor cabinet (Fig. 4 below) can be placed inconspicuously on house facades on the sidewalk. BTV Multimedia sees this feature as a major advantage of the product series. The WAVEPACE MDU wall box (Fig. 2 below) with protection class IP 55 is also much more space-saving than comparable solutions. With its small dimensions of 250 x 170 x 90 mm it can therefore be easily installed in almost any technical room; it is additionally protected against vandalism in accordance with IK08.

Ludwig Modra, Managing Director and COO of the BTV Multimedia Group, is convinced that WAVEPACE can optimally serve existing market requirements and that the products can furthermore be customised to the requirements of individual network operators even in small quantities. “In particular, the separation of the products from a single company is an enormous advantage for the customer, who can purchase solutions from his preferred supplier without having to fear disadvantages in terms of conditions. Instead of one manufacturer, several companies act as equal distributors and complex FTTX projects can be implemented with just one supplier at an unbeatable price-performance ratio due to the product coverage of all network levels.”

Information on the entire WAVEPACE product range as well as data sheets and sales partners can be found at www.wavepace.com

For an individual offer of products from the WAVEPACE series, please contact your personal DKT sales partner or click here to contact our Customer Service!

Fig. 1:
Housing stock by year of construction in the European Union. Source: Own presentation according to EU Housing Paper: Building Research Establishment (BRE) Trust, University of Warwick, 2015

Fig. 2:
WAVEPACE MDU splice patch wallbox. Left side: View with the cover opened, pre-assembled patch panel with 24 SC/APC ports and storage of up to 4 m slack. Right side: View with the patch field opened, 6 splice trays for a total of 72 fibres, cable feeds and outlets.

Fig. 3:
WAVEPACE panel for Optical Distribution Frame system solution, opened, with unique installation and pivot function for easy and free access, built into the right bracket.

Fig. 4:
WAVEPACE splice splitter patch outdoor cabinet for point to multipoint networks, powder-coated stainless steel, only 20 cm installation depth.