The coaxial outlets of the future broadband network

The outlet and home in general is one of the major issues in bringing future broadband services to the end user’s gadgets.

It all starts with the first outlet in the home. Here DKT offers an innovative solution that separates the DOCSIS 3.1 signal from the home network. This gives the possibility to change frequencies in a smooth way without sending a technician to the home, thereby saving cost for the operator and without troubling the end user.

The solution is called PIO (Push-In-Outlet), and is a concept where the signal is once and for all professionally terminated in the home.

This solves two major issues – providing very high screening efficiency where it matters most, and creating an interchangeable “inner-piece” of the outlet for future upgrades. All this because you never know what will happen in the future concerning frequency allocations. Due to noise, it is essential to terminate the DOCSIS 3.1 return path in the first outlet and distribute IP via Wi-Fi/Mesh/PDS/MoCA and TV as before.

FM is removed to create room in the return path. Because the modem is placed by the first outlet, the remaining outlets can only have one output with full spectrum, therefore DKT has invented a new “Single-Outlet-System” that provides full flexibility. It is easy to use/mount, and once and for all, it takes care of possible screening issues, based on the concept “simple is beautiful”.

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Fiber to the home

Why FTTH Gateways is the right solution?

The DKT Fiber Termination Unit (FTU) and Active CPE allow unique flexibility and agility via a Technology “agnostic” design and service activation by the end-user.

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