Screening Attenuation – when enough is enough

This white paper describes the requirements to screening attenuation of cables and other components in the CATV coaxial networks. It is shown which screening attenuation that is required to prevent noise generated outside the network in degrading the distribution of DVB-C and DOCSIS 3.1 signals.

Our conclusion, is that the upstream signals have the lowest power level at the entry to the amplifiers or nodes. So at this point in the network the CNR for a given noise level is smallest. And at this place the signal is flowing in a ground cable or a short jumper. These cables must have a screening attenuation above 95dB (class A+, EN50117-2-3) to effectively protect the DOCSIS 3.1 upstream signal down to 18MHz. For further elaboration, take a closer look at our whitepaper.

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