Classical European outlets

DKT provides a large range of classical multimedia outlets that are designed to comply with CENELEC as well as signal quality requirements. Read more here!

Push-in-outlet (PIO)

With DKT’s Push-in-outlet, there are no longer problems in changing frequencies on up- and downstream. Read about how we set the future standard here!

HDMI Cables 2.0

DKT’s line of HDMI cables is certified to meet the HDMI 1.4b category 2 requirements to meet the demands for impeccable HD-TV experience today. Read more!

Ethernet Outlets

HCA-Ax Amplifiers (Professional)

DKT’s single output AGC amplifiers can be installed alone or in combination with the HCT line of taps to integrate amplifier and TAP. Read more here!


DKT provides an extensive variety of coaxial cables for indoor and outdoor installations. Find the cables that suit your needs here!

HCS Amplifiers (DIY)

DKT’s HCSx line of multiple output AGC amplifiers are the factory assembled version of HCA-Ax amplifiers and HCT-1IxF taps. Read more here!

PS & Confree

The Power Splitters (PS) & Confree series consists of 2-, 3- and 4-way power splitters, as well as 1- and 2-way taps. Find the product series here!

1Gbps Gateway series

The DKT 7973x/7974x CPE / Gateway series offer 1Gbps speeds for your fiber network. click-on interface creates a simple installation. Ideal 2 box solution.


The Signia Line of 2- to 8-way splitters and 1- to 8-way taps all have nickel-tin plated brass connectors. This leads to a minimum failure rate. Read more!

Odin series outlets

DKT offers Odin series outlets both for TV/FM and multimedia with a low insertion loss, and a high isolation between the outputs. Read more here!

FTU Passive series

DKT FTU with click-on interface. Smallest form factor FTU in the industry.


DKT’s EDFA/EYDFA series is a rack-mountable integrated amplifier module and power supply. Read more about the EDFA/EYDFA series here.

Pigtail and patch cables

DKT offers an extensive range of optical pigtail and patch cables selected to suit any passive optical installation. Read about DKT’s patch cables here!

IP Links over Coax

DKT’s in-home IP distribution allows retrofitting Ethernet connectivity over existing coaxial infrastructures by means of MoCA technology. Read more here!

Click & Go Outlets

Click & Go wall outlets create easily upgradable outlets. A complete product group of modular components that enable customers easily upgradable networks.

Galvanic isolators

DKT’s range of galvanic isolators eliminates problems from differences in the potential between the distribution network and the in-home network. Read more!


Read about the products that complete the DKT collection of distribution passives with diplexers, power divergence and multiports here!

Optical switches and receivers

19“ rack mountable splitters and LGX solution

DKT offers a suite of 19″ optical mountable splitters typically equipped with SC/APC adapters, terminated in a 19-inch 1U rack. Read more here!

Push-On-Filters, multimedia

DKT’s passive push-on-filters enable do-it-yourself installation of modems without the need for outlet replacement. Read more about the filters here!

Coaxial jumper cables

DKT offers F male to F Male coaxial jumper cables for cable modems and indoor use in a white Thermoplastic Jacket. Read more about the cables here!

Do-It-Yourself Connectors

DKT’s do-it-yourself connectors are designed for installation without the need for special tools and provides class A screening attenuation. Read more here!

Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexer

DKT’s wavelength-division multiplexer (WDM) is a technology which multiplexes a number of optical carrier signals onto a single model fibre. Read more here!


DKT has a range of tools for installing connectors on cables, along with other useful installation material. Find the tools here!

10Gbps Gateway series

The DKT 7975x CPE/ Gateway series offers 10Gbps speeds for your fiber network. Click-on interface. creates a simple installation. Ideal 2-box solution.

Filters & equalizers

Find DKT’s comprehensive range of devices for signal optimization, for example attenuators, equalizers, and filters right here!

FTTH Battery 2

Balder 796xx CPE series

DKT legacy Balder 796xx CPE platforms are gateways that offer Layer 2 point-to-point Ethernet services to the home. Read more here!


Here, you can find DKT’s home network interface products connecting the distribution network to the home network. Read more here!

Freja series outlets

DKT offers the Freja series outlets both for TV/FM and multimedia. The series has a low insertion loss, and a high isolation between the outputs. Read more!

Patch cables

Signia – Lite

Connectors, splicers, adaptors & Jumpers

Find suitable connectors for your cables at DKT. We provide compression connectors, crimp connectors, hard-line connectors, and various adaptors.

Laser Transmitters

DKT offers stand alone laser transmitters as well as a modular based AIMA solution. Read more about DKT’s solutions for laser transmitters here!

Single mode splitters and couplers

DKT offers splitters and couplers that are often used to either divide or combine signals from different locations in an optical network. Read more here!

Outdoor, Splitters, Taps & Couplers

Terms of Business

Read about DKT's trade and delivery terms. Find information on prices, payment, ownership, return, copyright and much more.


Keeping living in the past, or upgrade to DOCSIS 3.1. Read more about why DKT believes DOCSIS 3.1 is the future of coaxial distribution.

Cookies & Privacy

Read about DKT's privacy policy. Find out what cookies are, how DKT uses cookies to improve the DKT website, as well as how you disable cookies here.

About us

Find information about DKT here. Read about our management, vision and mission, or find out what our three focus areas are.


Stay updated with the latest news and press releases from DKT, and be sure to receive the latest industry trends as well as DKT product releases.

DKT intensifies business in the UK with Robin Abel as Managing Director of new subsidiary

Front page

DKT is combining engineering and technical expertise with practical product solutions to set new standards in the industry!

The Huawei Challenge

DKT has been selected by Huawei as its technology partner for the passive distribution network concerning the DOCSIS 3.1 roll out in Denmark. Read more here


DKT's knowledge database is built upon DKT's research and general view on central topics in the industry. Seek knowledge and find inspiration here!


Installation guide, HCS/HCA amplifier (In danish)

DKT installation guide for the HCA amplifiers, for professional installers and the HCS amplifiers for Do-It-Youtself installers.

InteroperableFTTH click-on interface solution


Here you can find answers to the questions we most often get about our products and technologies.

FTTH Conference 2024

Interoperable GPON

Installation guide, PIO outlets

Here, you can find a video with a Push-In-Outlet installation guide explaining how to swap an existing traditional outlet with a new DKT PIO.


Find information on how to contact DKT. Fill in a contact form, see DKT's press kit, and find contact details for our offices, sales and support here!

BTV Multimedia launches WAVEPACE, the group’s first FTTH product series

Simon Wade joins DKT as Regional Sales Director for UK and Ireland

Installation videos for our DIY home products

DKT to be impacted by the semiconductor shortage, ONT deliveries will be severely affected


Read about DKT's trade and delivery terms. Find information on prices, payment, ownership, return, copyright and much more.

Extallation solution

XGS-PON Gateways – The interoperable technology of the future!

Saving the DOCSIS 3.1 Network from Passive Intermodulation

Read about saving the DOCSIS 3.1 network from passive intermodulation in this whitepaper based on research and inspired by DKT's view on the industry.

DKT joins forces with broadband group

In order to continue BTV Multimedia Group's growth strategy, it was decided to introduce DKT into the group, which already includes braun teleCom and ANEDiS.


DKT acquires Teledan-Witronic A/S

The purpose of the acquisition is to support the development of Danish broadband networks and ensure that the products installed in Danish homes are of the highest quality.


Gigaclear selects Danish DKT as supplier of gateways for ultrafast fibre broadband to rural Britain

How-to Guides

We take great pride in minimizing and solving problems for our end-users, installers and customers. We have to that end created several How-to guides, to make it easier to install or use our products.

Job | Technical Sales Representative

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FTTH Battery 2

Useful syntaxes for DKT 7973x…7974xx series

Looking for an easy syntax guide for installers to quickly get started with the integration process for the DKT 7973x...7974xx series? Find the guide here!

FIRST METER Products & concepts

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Magenta Telekom chooses braun teleCom & DKT products for future network expansion

Using a cabled infrastructure for Wi-Fi backhaul traffic

It is DKT's belief that a cable infrastructure should be used for Wi-Fi backhaul traffic wherever possible. Read more about our view here!

Webinar: Innovation Workshop on an Enhanced NTE

Webinar: Maximising Value from the Infrastructure

New GPON Gateways

DKT Webinar

Anthony Basham to become new CEO at DKT A/S

Centralized PON Testing

Webinar-Passive and active interoperability maximises resilience_video

ANGA COM 2022.

DKT Signia line is now integrated in the AND-solution

Webinar-Maximising value with a two-box installation_video

DOCSIS 3.1 Assumptions


DKT is now powered by Netceed

Legacy Products

If you are looking for datasheets or manuals for older DKT products, you can find DKT's retired/legacy products right here!


Amadys is now Powered by Netceed

FTTH Conference 2023

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FTTB/FTTH networks

DKT’s FTTB/FTTH networks are used when the end-user wants a “trouble-free” fiber termination with simplicity and flexibility. Read about our networks here!

Why choose a 2-box solution?

Want to know why you should choose a 2-box solution? Find out in this whitepaper based on research and inspired by DKT's general view on the industry!

Webinar: Resilience & Reliability

The Benefits of Brass F-Connectors

Gain knowledge on the benefits of Brass F-Connectors in this whitepaper by DKT based on research and inspired by DKT's general view on the industry.

Notification of technical changes

Shift in the management of DKT.

We welcome Anthony Basham to our DKT family

FTTH Conference 2022.

DKT is awarded with ISO 9001:2015


Visit DKT at ANGACOM 2019, 04.06-06.06. Learn more about our 10G FTTH Gateways, our 10 Coaxial passives and much more!

Home Networks

Home networks are the next big trend within broadband networks and are currently the weakest link in any broadband network. DKT’s products will change that!

Why Equalizers are vital for DOCSIS 3.1 deployments

Find out why equalizers are vital for DOCSIS 3.1 deployments in this whitepaper based on research and inspired by DKT's general view on the industry.

DKT TR-069 implementation

Looking for help regarding DKT TR-069 implementation? Here, you will find a guide for using the TR-181 device data model for this purpose. Read more here!


Why is DKT Gateways the right solution?

The DKT Fiber Termination Unit (FTU) and Active CPE allow unique flexibility and agility via a Technology “agnostic” design and service activation by the end-user.

ANGA 2018

Coaxial Distribution

DKT’s coaxial distribution category includes products that focus on network performance, network economy and end-user satisfaction. Read more here!

DKT assigned AAA rating

DKT has been assigned an AAA rating - the highest possible grade assigned to a debt obligation by a credit rating agency. Read more about our rating here!

DKT welcomes new CSO

ANGACOM 2019 Take aways

The coaxial outlets of the future broadband network

The outlet and home in general is one of the major issues in bringing future broadband services to the end user’s gadgets.

Why is DOCSIS 3.1 important?

Denmark is the first country to upgrade to DOCSIS 3.1, which will imply big changes to daily activities and create ground-breaking possibilities.

IP distribution in the home, WiFi vs. wired

In this whitepaper written by DKT, you can expand your knowledge on IP distribution in the home and read about using WiFi vs. wired.

DHCP/TFTP Booting Procedure

Looking for a document that provides an in-depth understanding of how the booting procedure of DKT CPEs is implemented? Find it here!

Why choose a Neutral Fiber Termination Unit?

Find out why you should choose a neutral fiber termination unit in this whitepaper based on research and inspired by DKT's general view on the industry!

IPLoC Documents

Here, you will find DKT's quick start guide for the IPLoC push-on adaptor, which shows how to setup IP Link over Coax. Read more here!

TDC makes the world’s first full DOCSIS 3.1 upgrade

TDC invests in a nationwide DOCSIS 3.1 upgrade, which will put Denmark on the map as a leading nation when it comes to broadband. Read more here.


Complete syntax guide for DKT 7973xx…7974xx FTU/CPE series

Looking for a complete syntax guide with a full documentation of the syntaxes supported for DKT 7973xx...7974xx FTU/CPE series? Find it here!

DKT signs contract with Huawei for DOCSIS 3.1 roll out

DKT signs contract with Huawei in connection with the passive distribution network concerning the DOCSIS 3.1 roll out in Denmark. Read more here.

Centralized PON testing


On this page, you can find and read about the latest firmware for DKT's various products. Read about DKT's firmware here!

Firmware customer

On this page, you can find and read about the latest firmware for DKT's various products. Read about DKT's firmware here!

DKT expand his anvanced portfolio with braun teleCom products

How to improve MER level & Opex with Signia passives!

Prepare for future upgrades with our Push in Outlet (PIO)

How to solve IP Distribution in the home

Want to know how to solve IP Distribution in the home? Find out in this whitepaper based on research and inspired by DKT's general view on the industry!

Cost implications of not taking responsibility for the Home Network

The biggest threat for DOCSIS 3.1 is bad home network installations. Read about DKT's view on whether we should wait and see or do something about it here.

Select the right in-home amplifier for your customer

In this whitepaper, you can gain knowledge on how you select the right in-home amplifier for your customers and how you guide them in the process.

Screening Attenuation – when enough is enough

What is the meaning of all this screening attenuation class A? Find out by reading this whitepaper in which DKT shares knowledge about the industry.


Webinar-The value of resilience and reliability_video

DKT changes cable supplier to Ören