DKT launches its new series of GPON and XGS-PON ONTs


GPON has been a natural choice for operators for a number of years and been widely deployed all over Europe. It is a cost effective methodology to offer FTTx, and the advantage of the technology is especially strong where minimizing maintenance work is important, it is easy and cheap to deploy, and multiple equipment manufacturers offer this as part of their standard product portfolio.
For existing service providers, a GPON network can replace existing copper-wire cabling and deliver higher data speeds with greater reliability. Up until recently many operators chose the GPON products, ONTs (customer premises entity) and OLTs (network entity) from the same vendor, in order to ensure interoperability and functionality, and embedded the gateway functions of the home in the ONT, e.g. router, WiFi and VoIP services.
Operators are now qualifying high-end routers for their customers, in order to provide superior services, resiliency and stability; hence these features are excluded from the ONT, which now becomes a basic fiber termination unit. This enables operators to choose an ONT from any vendor to work with their OLTs, as less interoperability testing is required, due to limited feature set and services in the ONT.

DKT introduces its cost effective GPON ONT platform, a 1-LAN port and a 4-LAN port GPON ONT, which clicks onto DKT’s unique, none proprietary FTU products. It eases the installation procedure dramatically, and allows even end customers to install the equipment himself.

Get our interoperable and high quality 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps (XGS-PON) Gateways, that provide you superior service, resilience and stability.

1 Gbps Gateway series

The 7973x/7974x series is a unique and innovative product line that distinguishes itself by its small form factor and unique click-on interface. The small form factor, combined with ease of installation due to its click-on interface, makes our gateways an extremely flexible solution, with optimized handling and efficiency.

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10 Gbps (XGS-PON) Gateway series

The DKT 7975x series is built to fit the well proven DKT FTU. The newly developed active part is based upon a sophisticated wirespeed Layer 2 switching-based “System-on-Chip” (SoC) solution.
This solution implies that fiber termination and service activation occur as part of the operator’s “demarcation point” at the end customer in a FTTH 10Gbps environment.

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