DKT TR-069 implementation

This is a guide for DKT TR-069 implementation. TR-069 (Technical Report 069) is a specification of the CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP) developed by the Broadband Forum. It allows for remote management and monitoring of user terminals, such as CPE equipment, by means of HTTP(S) sessions established between the Auto-Configuration Server (ACS) and the CPE.

Every session is initiated by the CPE and comprises retrieving and setting the parameters in the device data model. This data model is a hierarchical XML structure, whose objects and elements represent the particular features and services available on the given CPE. Being a robust and flexible solution, TR-069 may be used to manage not only residential gateways, but also numerous other varieties of network equipment, such as IPTV set-top boxes (STBs), network attached storage (NAS), power line adapters, femtocells, IP phones, and many more.

DKT tr-069/181 implementation

how-to guide

DHCP/TFTP Booting Procedure

This document provides an in-depth understanding of how the booting procedure of DKT CPEs is implemented.

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