XGS-PON Gateways – The interoperable technology of the future!

Why should you choose XGS-PON?

An essential and convincing factor in relying directly on XGS-PON Gateways is the cost consideration and to meet the increasing demands of the end customers in a future-oriented manner. Even if GPON still meets today’s end customer requirements well, it is foreseeable that an upgrade to XGS-PON will have to follow sooner rather than later.

Using XGS-PON directly is significantly more cost efficient than building on GPON first and having to upgrade in the near future.




  • Meet the increasing demands of the end customers in a future-oriented manner
  • More cost efficient than building on GPON first and having to upgrade in the near future

Why are DKT’s XGS-PON Gateways beneficial for your network?

The DKT philosophy is based on interoperability, flexibility, and a neutral design with an uncomplicated function to enable self-activation by the end customer. Our FTTH products and especially our Gateways represent this philosophy.

Flexible, interoperable, and cost-effective!
In contrast to many other providers of XGS-PON Gateways, our devices are known for their flexibility and independence since they do not have a vendor lock-in and are interoperable with all standard OLTs. Additionally, due to the Layer 2 approach, they are perfectly combinable with 3rd party routers. These advantages make the DKT XGS-PON Gateways a truly cost-effective product for your network with no license or maintenance fees.


  • Interoperable with standard OLTs
  • Combinable with 3rd party routers
  • No license or maintenance fees

Simple setup and upgrade!
The simple click-on installation, zero-touch deployment, and plug-and-play functionality create a DIY service for the end customer and therefore help reducing your operational costs (OPEX). In this way, the Gateways can be activated flexibly by your end customer and replaced if necessary.


  • Click-on installation
  • DIY service for the end customer
  • Significant save in OPEX

Technical specifications.
Our XGS-PON Gateways are available in various versions. They all have an XGS-PON WAN port in addition, depending on the model, a certain number of 10G, 5G, 2.5G, or 1G LAN ports. Furthermore, our Gateways are available with WDM filters and RF Overlay functionality.


  • Wide range of Gateways with XGS-PON WAN
  • Additionally 1G – 10G LAN ports
  • WDM filter and RF Overlay available
Superior Gateways since 2001!

The main benefits of our interoperable XGS-PON Gateways.

Save in OPEX

  • No license fee
  • No maintenance fee
  • No support fee
  • Enable end-user activation



  • Interoperable with different OLT providers
  • Independent from 3rd party routers
  • Ability to adapt and customize technical specifications to local requirements
Interoperable 10G Gateways

DKT XGS-PON Gateways

DKT Gateways (ONTs) can be flexibly combined with our FTUs and are interoperable with third-party OLTs.

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