PON testing

If your customer notices a fault,
you are already in the process of fixing it!

What is centralized PON testing?

FTTH Network is the highest technology and future of the broadband network. Nevertheless, network operators report an error rate of 30%.
“Centralized PON testing” is a method to test the signal from the Hub to the Fibre Termination Unit (FTU) through the splitter to ensure more rapid and accurate problem diagnosis with shorter repair times and using fewer face-to-face customer visits.
Centrally testing provides reliability during network build, service activation and whole life operation thanks to a full automatic path, test and verification.

How does centralized PON testing work?

Centralized PON testing runs completely from the Hub to the fiber termination unit and uses a reflector to terminate the fibre. The Fibre Termination Unit features a Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG) embedded in connector with pigtail tuned to OTDR wavelengths (1645 – 55 nm), which is easy to assemble and flexible with LC/FC/SC-APC/PC connector.

  1. Technician enters the unique id for the PON branch
  2. The OTDR and switch are allocated for this user
  3. Measurement done remotely with Centralized OTDR
  4. Measurements stored in database (Length & Insertion Loss)
  5. If accepted by the technician, the peak is marked as a reference
Centralised testing cuts downtime!

Time to certify, find faults with central test.

  • Test-head detects a new fault
    – Peak disappearance or optical loss threshold violation?
  • Customer alarm automatically issued
  • System automatically starts advanced test and fault demarcation analysis
  • Fault in distribution identified >> root cause break
  • Dispatch to repair site & Customer Service notifies customer
    – Fibre repaired
    – Test to obtain loss, continuity & optical budget pass/fail
  • Meet SLA & clear alarm, Customer Service report to customer
Centralized tests create great value!

Why centralized PON testing?

Enabling low skilled PON activation, simultaneously delivering full fibre condition monitoring
and in case of a faul it will be fixed 75 % faster.
Provide great service reliability to improve satisfaction!

Whole-life Condition Monitoring

  • SLA recording
  • Realtime visibility of network health

Rapid Fault Diagnosis & Repair

  • Automatic fault identification
  • Dispatch the right team every time, reducing operating costs even in highly dispersed networks

Simplify build & customer identification

  • Simplify build with pre-terminated drop cables AND still uniquely identify every customer