17. June 2019

Truespeed has chosen a new supplier of home gateways – this to support the process of being at the technical forefront of data communications in the UK and the world. The Truespeed Fibre installations offer fast, reliable and state of the art internet connection from 100Mb/s to 10Gb/s. Their aim is to connect 75.000 properties in the UK by 2021 and up to 200.000 by 2025.

Founded in 2014, Truespeed is an agile and fast growing internet service provider delivering full fibre broadband to hard to reach homes and businesses throughout the South West. By building a brand new infrastructure, the firm is delivering full fibre broadband directly into properties, providing customers with truly future-proof, sustainable connections.

“At Truespeed, we understand the value of delivering extremely fast connectivity and we continually look to the future to understand how to build and operate the data connectivity of tomorrow, today. This is a perfect match with the mindset and product designs of DKT and why we are looking forward to working with DKT to deliver some of the fastest and most reliable internet anywhere” says Evan Wienburg, CEO of Truespeed.
Truespeed has already connected the first customers using the DKT gateways, and are preparing many more. With the unique design and functionality of the DKT gateways it is possible to make a much more flexible broadband connection in the UK homes with higher performance as a result – this both in home installations and in operations.

“We are really happy and proud with this new partnership with Truespeed. Truespeed has a rare dynamic and forward looking approach to future broadband connections. This partnership will create technological synergies which will benefit UK customers now and in future” says Christian Emborg, CEO of DKT A/S.
DKT A/S is a Danish manufacturer, supplying the broadband industry with innovative products for more than 40 years, and now with fiber optical home gateways delivering up to 10Gb/s.

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