Magenta Telekom chooses braun teleCom & DKT products for future network expansion

09. November 2020

Magenta Telekom, the Austrian subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, decided to use network components from braun teleCom for their future FTTH new building projects. The first rollout took place in Tyrol at the end of 2019.

braun teleCom’s FTTH installation kits are used as the basis for the project’s installation. These consist of a pre-assembled, bend-optimized, pull- and pushable fiber optic cable with fiber optic connectors to be mounted in the field. The FTTH installation kits are equipped with the universally applicable Fiber Termination Unit (FTU) with splice tray made by DKT. The set is supplied ready for connection with cable lengths of 30 or 50 meters on a cardboard dispenser, so that no splicing is required at the end customer’s premises or in the field. This guarantees a short installation time with just one visit to the end customer.

In addition to the passive installation kits, Magenta uses the new 1-port GPON gateways from DKT provided by braun teleCom as their network’s active demarcation point. The gateway can be plugged onto the ready-to-connect Fiber Termination Unit either by the installer or the end customer. The passive basic installation, including the FTU, is also optimized for the future use of further gateways, such as DKT’s 4-port GPON, XGS-PON, 1 Gbit and 10 Gbit Active Ethernet, but furthermore supports the connection of third-party active components, such as RFoG nodes. Currently, Magenta uses Nokia OLTs in combination with the DKT Gateways.

Additionally, Magenta is starting to use steel-armored patch cords from braun teleCom as a secure connection in cabinets and at the end customer’s premises, for connecting external components to the FTU. The patch cords impede the undercutting of the bending radius and thus prevent unnecessary disfunctions, broken fibers and service calls.

With its choice of materials, Magenta Telekom creates an important foundation for the use of components in the years to come. “The products and solutions from braun teleCom enable us to have a future-proof and technology-neutral solution for connecting private and corporate customers to our network,” comments Franz Baumgarten, Vice President Cable Networks at Magenta Telekom. In Magenta’s fiber optic cable network, a mixture of fiber optic and coaxial cables, FTTH connections are used for corporate site networking and enable the use of partner network models.

Pieter Dhondt, Vice President International Sales at braun teleCom, agrees: “The passive solution chosen guarantees Magenta uniformity and flexibility in FTTH expansion, regardless of the active network technology used. Magenta’s decision in favor of the new 1-port GPON gateway from DKT shows us that the market needs and appreciates the flexibility of a two-box solution.”

braun teleCom GmbH, like DKT A/S, belongs to the BTV Multimedia Group, one of the few full-service providers in the broadband industry. The group bundles the activities of eight well-known international manufacturers, distributors and service providers such as ANEDiS, Fionis and Holm. The aim of BTV Multimedia is to provide its customers as a leading value added supply partner with the best products and services in the broadband industry.